Welcome to Sherlot

Sherlot Border Collies is based in Perth, Western Australia. My name is Peter and my  introduction to the dog world was through a farm breed border collie called Buster. After his sad passing and a few years of study I crossed paths with Sooty "Hotnote Quickdraw McGraw".

Sooty taught me so many valuble lessons about this wonderful breed. He was also my introduction to herding, agility and showing and met every challenge with the same enthusiasm and excitment I had. After nine wonderful months training with him, I decided to expand our family and get Sweep "Hotnote Redi or Not" and have not looked back since.

In the future I'd like to see my wonderful dogs become show, agility and herding champions as well as with the guidance of some experienced breeders, produce my own litters and take my progeny to champion level.

Feel free to browse this site and I hope it inspires you to have more than just a dog.